Child Custody & Parenting Time

Skilled Legal Guidance for New Jersey Child Custody and Parenting Time Issues

New Jersey Child Custody & Parenting TimeNegotiating child custody disputes for couples who no longer reside together requires a special and empathetic touch on the part of a family law attorney. A schedule that is first and foremost in the best interest of the child and which involves both parents whenever appropriate, will always be our number one priority.

At Russell & Marinucci, we can assist with resolving your child custody and parenting time disputes by negotiating creative solutions while keeping in mind the current legal landscape of custody and parenting time issues in New Jersey.

We can assist you in addressing the following aspects of child custody disputes:

  • Legal custody of children (sole, joint, assignment of a parent of primary residence and a parent of alternate residence, etc.)
  • Physical custody
  • Parenting plans for all parents (divorcing, unmarried, nonparental custodians, etc.)
  • Parenting time plans for children with special needs
  • Coordination of supervised parenting time, if appropriate or court-ordered
  • Out-of-state relocation

Custody Concerns? Contact our Skilled New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers Today

At Russell and Marinucci, we are able to provide experience-based guidance that puts the needs of your family first. We know your children mean everything to you, so we will work hard to protect your bond with them. Schedule a consultation with one of our New Jersey child custody attorneys today to get answers to all of your child custody and parenting time questions via phone 609-398-1900 or email.

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