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New Jersey divorce: Are you a non-custodial parent?

Divorce is definitely a life-changing process. Whether you were the one who decided to file a petition or the one who signed papers that a court official served to you, you may have felt a bit anxious or worried about the future. Especially regarding your children, it can be challenging to find a new normal and develop a co-parenting plan that keeps your children's best interests in mind. Being a non-custodial parent can take a lot of getting used to.

The good news is that you can definitely take advantage of advanced technology to stay in close contact with your kids. It's true that many people frown upon online communication, saying it isn't as meaningful as in person contact. Person-to-person relationships are undoubtedly the best option when the goal is to create a lasting bond. However, when you no longer live with your kids, you can make the best of it by tapping into available support resources.

The most common financial issues of divorce

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful time for your family, and it can also be an uncertain time financially. Both you and your spouse will have to make decisions that will impact your finances now and in the future. However, divorcing couples can better navigate the complicated process when they know what to expect.

A family law attorney can help you come up with a plan to end your marriage while protecting your rights and your financial future. An attorney can help you understand and prepare for some of the most significant financial issues that will arise, including:

Five important tips for a prenuptial agreement

People from different walks of life fall in love and get married. When there’s a wide wealth gap, one spouse often asks the betrothed to sign a prenuptial agreement, so the spouse protects assets. However, a prenuptial agreement should provide a fair and equitable amount of the estate to the lower net worth spouse.

A prenuptial agreement defines the division of assets and property in the event of a divorce or death. Under New Jersey law, spouses can include a suitable number of conditions and measures in a prenuptial agreement. Most importantly, both spouses must agree to the terms of the prenuptial agreement.


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