Personal Attention To Your Uncontested Or Contested Divorce

Whether you and your spouse are "on the same page" for every objective at the end of your marriage — or you have contentious disagreements that require legal intervention — assistance from an experienced family law attorney is invaluable. Even the most straightforward divorces require specialized knowledge of relevant statutes as well as the ever-changing New Jersey family case law, in order to ensure that all issues are properly addressed and to prevent future conflicts.

Whether your matter is contested or uncontested, our attorneys ensure that your needs are met by covering all of the issues that relate to your divorce, including:

Child custody and parenting time

Child support and spousal support/alimony

Division of premarital and marital assets (properties, retirement accounts, businesses, etc.)

The impact of prenuptial agreements on property division

Just because a divorce is contested does not mean it has to be litigated. Our firm, Russell & Marinucci, prefers to negotiate positive outcomes that establish tones of cooperation for a family's future and preserve assets whenever possible.

To better understand the divorce process, what to expect and what your rights are, contact us to schedule an initial consultation by phone at 609-398-1900 or via email.