The Facts You Need About Support In New Jersey

No matter what your income or assets, spousal and child support can be two of the most contested issues in any family law case. Our attorneys at Russell & Marinucci have invaluable experience assessing a family's financial situation to negotiate a support figure that is fair and reflects the marital standard of living.

Common issues relating to spousal and child support include:

• Imputation of income to underemployed parties

• Child support guidelines for high-income couples

• Determination of the marital standard of living

• Cohabitation/remarriage

• Payment of medical insurance premiums

• Payment of work-related day care

• Life insurance to secure support obligations

• Enforcement of support obligations through the county probation division

• College contribution

Away from the world of number crunching, we never overlook the human element in divorce, namely the best interests of the child. We will thoroughly advise you on important issues of custody and parenting time in conjunction with support.

To get the answers to all of your questions regarding spousal and child support, schedule an initial consultation today via phone 609-398-1900 or email.